Restaurant Report: 1000 Spirits

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As the name implies, 1000 Spirits specializes in the art of spirits and mixology. But don't reduce it to "just another bar", in addition to an impressive array of alcohols 1000 Spirits also boats a delectable menu perfect for a lunch, brunch, and dinner, and very creative entertainment. 

There are plenty of delicious reasons to come to 1000 Spritis, but let me share two that stole my heart: the Savory Beignets and the Skinny Bitch. 

Savory beignets are small fried puffs with cheese, but it's not cheesy. Think flavored mini donuts. About 6 of this delicious savory clouds come in a waffle cone for just $4. 

Skinny Bitch. This one was a first for me:  a martini glass with a ball of what seems to be white cotton candy, then the waiter pours the drink over the fluffy ball and quickly it dissolves. The cotton candy is nothing more than fluffed simple syrup. Just when you thought alcohol couldn't get any more fun, 1000 Spirits raised the bar. 

Wait, it gets even better. 1000 Spirits owner wasn't satisfied with just outstanding food and impressive drinks, entertainment had to be a part of the venue. Running parallel to the bar area there is an iPad bar. Yes. iPads. For everyone to use free of charge for that late night  drunk Facebook-ing you will regret in the morning but all your friends (and exes) love to get from you.  

At the end of the bar there is a wheel (a la Price is Right) that a random lucky person gets to spin. Each "prize" on the wheel is a drink special, which is available for everyone at the restaurant for the next 30 minutes- or until the next person spins the wheel. 

1000 Sprits has been at its location in 1225 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98101 since February 15, 2013. Stop by anytime, doors open 7 days a week.  Vons 1000 Spirits on Urbanspoon
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