Private Dishcrawls

Dishcrawls are a delicious and unique way for a group to bond over a dining experience. Celebrate a milestone, foster team building or reward employees with a customized private Dishcrawl.

What is Dishcrawl?

Dishcrawl events are Dishcrawl's namesake dining experience where food lovers are personally guided through 3-4 restaurants in one night. We can accommodate between 10 to 500 people.

Venture through restaurants of every culture and taste, from Cajun to Greek, Asian to Thai, and more. Explore fine dining establishments to hidden gems right in your neighborhood. Surprises are around every corner!

What happens?

The Dishcrawl team will take you on an exclusive crawl to 3-4 restaurants. Events last 2-4 hours, depending on your needs.

Each restaurant will feature a plated or passed affair with a trio of surprises from the chef. Menus may include a variety of cuisines with special consideration for preferred cuisines. Drinks are available for purchase at each restaurant. Pairings can be arranged to suit your needs.

Dishcrawl events are meant to replace dinner, so come hungry and leave full!

Where are Dishcrawl events held?

Dishcrawl events can be held in 125+ cities throughout North America and Canada. Inquire about availability in your city.

How much does it cost and how many people do I need?

We require a minimum of 10 people to participate. The cost of the Dishcrawl depends on your needs. Please inquire so we can personally assist you.

What if I have a dietary request?

If there are any vegetarians or food allergies, please advise us when booking the event.

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