Get Whipped into Summer at Whipp's (Sj, Ca)

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Let's jump straight into summer! What comes to mind? Frozen desserts, of course!

Whipp's is taking you on a whirl with frozen delights to make any mouth feel cool. They'll have you drooling with their deceptively healthy and naturally sweet desserts that are vegan friendly. Who knew things like this existed? Well, they  do!

Fresh fruit, frozen and whipped into shape! Whipp's will surprise you with amazing flavor combinations and a special flavor of the month.


**TO NOTE***

We're sorry, but cancellations are only taken if done 48H in advance. Thanks for understanding!
Visit for more info or email with questions.

About Whipp's
Whipp's is located next to the national award winning Martin Luther King Library and San Jose State University in downtown San Jose. They offer healthy, tasty, and naturally refreshing desserts. Whipp's also offers frozen yogurt, smoothies,and  fresh juices that are free of fat, sweetener, and dairy. Gelato Classio's all natural gelatos and sorbettes can be found at Whipp's.

Kelley, James, and 6 others are attending Get Whipped into Summer at Whipp's (Sj, Ca)

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